Recommended natural deodorant

Best natural deodorant hands down is PiperWai.


  • It smells nice (although someone said it smells a bit like Vicks Chest Rub)
  • It dries your sweat quickly
  • It has reduced ingrowns from shaving (!)

Considering I aim to reduce my exposure to aluminium (see A pretty moderate review of Aluminium), especially on skin that has been scraped (“stripped”) with a razor (which speeds absorption and percentage absorbed, see here), this is a great option.


  • Piperwai lends a white cast on black shirts even though it’s grey, so be aware of that.
  • It can separate in the jar and the coconut oil will make the texture grainy. It hasn’t affected performance for me, but it is less ‘cosmetically elegant’.
  • If you don’t use the stick, you have to get your fingers dirty when you roll it out onto your skin.
  • It’s expensive: $12/tub, which lasts about 3 months only.

So: not an antiperspirant, you will sweat, but it is the best of any deodorant to dry quickly and without weird odours later in the day.Β Here is a personal, albeit TMI, anecdote. I happened to not shower for 5 days, which included a day of walking 3 miles in the California sun. I wore Piperwai eerday and I smelled fine (my hair was strangely ok as well). The 5th day I forgot to apply for my 2 mile walk, and I did smell a bit funky by the end of it (this is to show that I did not become suddenly rose-like). I like it. IRL, people say it’s good.


Obviously not affiliated, although I wish I was because it’s awesome.

If you’re in a real rush/totally ran out, an easy sub is 1:2 oil to baking soda. Mix until it forms a thick paste and then apply. It will keep you unsmelly but you won’t dry nearly as fast as you would with PW.


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