Recommended natural deodorant

UPDATED as of March 1st 2018: While I stand by PiperWai, from personal experience, I think the stick is an inferior formula that doesn’t work nearly as well as the tub. I actually have no proof of this, though I wrote and asked:

Hello PiperWai!
I've used your product over a year now and I really enjoy it. 
I've used the pot up until this last month when I thought I'd try to stick and, 
sort of to my disappointment, it isn't working nearly as well. 
Is there a different in formula or ingredient concentration? 
I thought I'd give you some feedback anyhow; I much prefer the pot!

Hey! In terms of efficacy, It's totally personal preference between the two products, 
and while some folks can go all day with one application with the stick applicator, 
others need to reapply midday or find the jar to be more effective for their 
individual needs.

If I had to guess it’s either (i) the physical rubbing of product into the skin that makes it more effective or (ii) what I think is a higher concentration of oil in the stick (which could help it glide nicely). In any case, since switching to the stick I have found myself irritated at the smell and that it doesn’t work.

So with that caveat!…A great natural deodorant hands is PiperWai.


  • It smells nice (although someone said it smells a bit like Vicks Chest Rub)
  • It dries your sweat quickly [as noted, from the Pot only it seems]
  • It has reduced ingrowns from shaving (!)

Considering I aim to reduce my exposure to aluminium (see A pretty moderate review of Aluminium), especially on skin that has been scraped (“stripped”) with a razor (which speeds absorption and percentage absorbed, see here), this is a great option.


  • Piperwai lends a white cast on black shirts even though it’s grey, so be aware of that.
  • It can separate in the jar and the coconut oil will make the texture grainy. It hasn’t affected performance for me, but it is less ‘cosmetically elegant’.
  • If you don’t use the stick, you have to get your fingers dirty when you roll it out onto your skin.
  • It’s expensive: $12/tub, which lasts about 3 months only.

So: not an antiperspirant, you will sweat, but it is the best of any deodorant to dry quickly and without weird odors later in the day. Here is a personal, albeit TMI, anecdote. I happened to not shower for 5 days, which included a day of walking 3 miles in the California sun. I wore Piperwai everyday and I smelled fine (The 5th day I forgot to apply for my 2 mile walk, and I did smell a bit funky by the end of it… I clearly did not become suddenly rose-scented).

If you’re in a real rush/totally ran out, an easy sub is 1:2 oil to baking soda. Mix until it forms a thick paste and then apply. It will keep you un-smelly but won’t keep you dry.


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