My Journey with IBS Part 1

This will be a long story.

My issues with my stomach started when I started drinking alcohol, which should have been an obvious tell but wasn’t. I was 18, just started college, living on my own, drinking. The summer after I began developing strange gasiness, where pressure would build up in my upper intestines until I was literally vomiting air. Literally. It was weird and Google had no hits. I was working in a factory at the time and I developed an intestinal hernia (bulging intestine) from improper lifting form. I received surgery to push my organ back under my abs, had my antibiotics and continued to have this strange gasiness.

Life was fine, I noticed a trend in that two days after drinking I would develop the same symptoms, the pressure of which would only be relieved from copious burping and air vomits. I somehow started reading about paleo diets and probiotics and bought Bio-K Fermented Milk which was a huge step forward for me physically. I introduced my family to it, and then really fell into Paleo, Weston A. Price literature, Nourishing Traditions, fermentation culture with Sandor Katz etc. These are still huge hobbies and passions of mine, and thus began my entry into the ‘crunchy’ world.


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