My Journey with IBS Part 2

I was also at that time an Environmental Studies major, so I didn’t take a lot of convincing to try No ‘Poo and OCM, or my own toothpaste (which was awesome. I might post it later). I washed my clothes with biodegradable soap (awful, didn’t remove smells), fermented everything, tried organic makeup and beauty products etc. etc. My stomach definitely healed but would still flare with the occasional heavy alcohol night.

Unfortunately I required three rounds of antibiotics, and whatever gut biome I had cultivated was definitely dead. About this time I moved across a continent and a country and began law school, which is notorious for its stress levels. My skin had the began having the worst hormonal breakouts I had ever had (which coincided with my use of AHAs to get rid of the clogs from OCM**).

Law school is shitty and stressful, and they do perpetuate an unhealthy lifestyle with ‘networking’ events, aka free booze every week, maybe more. My school also had a lot of free lunches, which were pizza, pad thai, bahn mi, i.e. fast food. I tried my best to avoid as much of the food as possible, but it’s impossible to look free food in the mouth (horses mouth..?) forever. So my diet got worse, I drank more than before, I was stressed all the time. My stomach issues definitely got worse, so I drank more kombucha than ever to try to restore some sort of balance.


**No, hormonal acne isΒ not comedonal acne. Hormonal is cystic (liquid) and around the jaw/mouth line where “the beard” would lie. You can’t squeeze anything out like you can comedonal inflammations. I had both at the same time.


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